On the 11th July 2016 at 14:58, Rasheed Araeen’s piece Zero to Infinity displays a cluster of uniform blue cubic structures. At no point more than four cubes high, this sculpture stands in fixed balance with five diagonal points at its focus

Geo Merchant / Art

The Renaissance Series is a project by Chicago-based Freddy Fabris, that re-appropriates Renaissance masterpieces into contemporary (albeit conceptual) photographs: edgy, cool, iconic

Christian Villarba / Photography

After training at Central St. Martins, the Belfast artist decided to stay in London to produce work both within the gallery setting and in some more unexpected locations: Saville Row, Heal’s and Selfridges

Sabhbh Curran / Art

Hardiman’s work has instinctive characteristics, such as motifs of botanical elements and repetition, that creates a sense of bringing the outside in, an imposing structure and an atmosphere of solitude

Megan Fatharly / Illustration

On her side of the table was seventy objects which included a rose, scissors, a scalpel, a feather, a gun and a bullet. The audience was instructed that they could use any of these if they wished

Alexander Devenport / Art

In 2012, Atlanta was considered the sixth most dangerous city in the US. Few locations provide a greater stage for hip hop, ­with its somewhat fluctuating canon of artists and all things 'real'

Alex Borg / Music

I've never been a fashion photographer in the true sense. I adore the fashion aesthetic but for me the question was how do I bring the fashion aesthetic and the dynamism and elegance of dance together

Christian Villarba / Interview

Initially, and after graduating from university, Strautniekas possessed just the technical side of these abilities but through the guidance of Folio Illustration his raw talent flourished, retaining his original style whilst becoming far more refined

Soraan Latif / Art

Her exhibition mixed with old photographs of her family, added narration alongside her films on the silkscreens gives an atmospheric theme while looking at these bright pictures of fire in such a dark room

Yasmin Nicholas / Photography


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