With their retro, black and white aesthetic, you could be forgiven for thinking that Laurence Ellis’s photographs belong to a different age.

Sabhbh Curran / Photography

The ZONE initiative was launched in 2015 by the kolor art collective in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The project is split into multiple series called 'zones', each defined by a distinctive message and style.

Kolor Collective / Photography

In Shakespeare’s world, men would have played the parts of women who then pretend to be men; in Asadi’s, she dresses women in menswear and makes that menswear feminine

Bella Gladman / Fashion

The fourth close collaboration between Carsten Nicolai (Alva Noto) and film composer Ryuichi Sakamoto. This time round, the duo pair-off against the eminent contemporary music group, Ensemble Modern.

Adam Bonser / Music

The work of Charlotte Humphries, a UK-based illustrator and printmaker, pushes the boundaries of how a mark and an image is communicated to an audience.

Megan Fatharly / Design

I stand to look in the mirror every morning. I tug at this, pull that, straighten up that, tuck in this. An early morning routine, also for many others.

Yasmin Nicholas / Photography

Through the manipulation of material and creating a chaotic but controlled composition through gesture and articulation of particular forms, he is able to create an emotive piece in which the viewer may be left uncomfortable or intrigued.

Megan Fatharly / Art

German film Toni Erdmann is an absolute delight to watch, created by film-maker Maren Ade, the comedy touches on the likes of Les Patterson and Mrs Doubtfire, but is in the end a genuinely moving and unique creation.

Sabhbh Curran / Film

A rare example of someone’s personal style being so different from their commercial work, a night and day contrast.

Soraan Latif / Photography


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